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Artist Membership

Artist Membership


Artist Membership

$30 a year


Whether you’re an artist, a student, a long-time supporter of FCG or looking to get more involved in London’s arts community, artist memberships are available to anyone who needs a little more FCG in their lives. 


Your perks:

  • Voting rights at FCG's Annual General Meeting

  • Eligibility for election to the Board of Directors

  • Admittance in the annual Members’ Show & Sale Fundraiser exhibition

  • Members-only digital newsletters, in addition to our public newsletter. You can find our most recent public newsletters archived on our site

  • Your bio, work, online portfolio and contact information listed in our Members Directory

  • Preferred entry to workshops, networking events, and on-site and virtual crit groups

  • Digital copies of FCG's DIGEST Anthology

  • FCG’s commissioned and limited edition artists' multiples by Ronnie Clarke, Monica Joy Peeff, Owen Marshall, Camila Salcedo and Zane Pate

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