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Become a Member of Forest City Gallery! ​


Forest City Gallery prides itself on its Membership base, and we rely on the support of our Members not only to evolve as an innovative arts organization but also to contribute to London’s vibrant art community. In becoming Member of FCG, you are directly supporting FCG's mandate and artistic autonomy. You can use the form embedded below to purchase or renew your FCG Membership.

FCG offers:

  • Artist's or Arts Professionals Memberships: $30

  • Pay-It-Forward Membership whereby you can purchase a membership for yourself and a second membership for a community member in need: $50

  • Family Membership packages for up to five family members: $90

  • Patron of the Arts Memberships whereby you directly support an FCG program and receive recognition on our Donor Wall: $500

FCG Membership entails the following exclusive benefits:


  • Voting rights at FCG's Annual General Meeting

  • Eligibility for election to the Board of Directors

  • Admittance in the annual Members’ Show & Sale Fundraiser exhibition

  • Members-only digital newsletters, in addition to our public newsletter. You can find our most recent public newsletters archived on our site

  • Your bio, work, online portfolio and contact information listed in our Members Directory

  • Preferred entry to workshops, networking events, and on-site and virtual crit groups

  • Digital copies of FCG's DIGEST Anthology

  • FCG’s commissioned and limited edition artists' multiples by Ronnie Clarke, Monica Joy Peeff, Owen Marshall, Camila Salcedo and Zane Pate

Become a new member or renew your membership today by filling out the form below!

Unsure if your membership has lapsed? Contact us! Use the form embedded below to purchase or renew your FCG Membership.

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